How to set a custom sound as ringtone on android phone

If you have an android phone you can customize everything. So I prefer an android phone than any other operating system. You can set the ringtone very easily on android as follows:

1. Set a custom ringtone by Ringtone maker.

  1. First, Open your Chrome browser  and go to to download free ringtones for mobile with Mp3 format. It’s store at sdcard/Download folder.
  2. I would like to introduce you some types of ringtones like: Funny ringtone Iphone ringtone Pop ringtone
  3. Download Ringtone Maker android app click here
ringtone android app

Ringtone maker on google play store

         3. Click Open to open Ringtone maker -> click search Search name of ringtone which you downloaded by chrome. Next, tap on Three dots or long click -> set as default ringtone. Watch video to detail:

2. How to add your own ringtones by setting

  • Open setting -> sound -> Ringtone
  • Tap to Add (plus icon) -> a new activity open -> choose your mp3 file from sdcard/download -> Done
  • Video: